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NutraSoothe is a unique and complex mixture of bioflavanoids, polyphenols, spices, and plant and berry extracts contained in the proprietary formula ATNF-10. These compounds are some of the most researched and tested polyphenols and flavonoids available today. Individually these ingredients are renowned for their antioxidant, antinflammatory, neuroprotective, and cardiovascular protective effects. In NutraSoothe they have been combined to work in a cooperative fashion to reduce the pro-inflammatory effects of the immune system in chronic inflammatory states.

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Why do you need NutraSoothe?
Certain bioflavanoids, plant extracts, and spices have been found to have significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the human body.

Antioxidant Effects:

Antioxidant effects of flavenoids and polyphenol plant substances include binding up toxic free radicals, preventing cellular damage, and protecting proteins from radical and reactive oxygen species attack. They do this by gently attaching to and forming a protective soft mantle of antioxidants around the proteins. They can achieve a much higher local concentration than regular water soluble antioxidants like Vitamin C, and even more than certain fat soluble antioxidants like vitamin E and Lipoic Acid. It is thought that the ring-like planes of the molecule together with the flexible linkages joining them allow the polyphenol molecule to conform with high specificity to protein structures.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

The immune system contains some of the most potent and destructive agents in the body in order to eliminate harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. It is a complex, highly regulated system, and an imbalance in the mechanisms which control it have been implicated in a variety of diseases, both chronic and acute.

Chronic activation of the inflammatory component of the immune system can result in damage to critical organs such as the heart, kidney, brain, and hormone producing glands such as the thyroid, pancreas and adrenals. This generalized, low grade inflammation can sometimes go unnoticed, however the effects can be cumulative over time, often resulting in end organ damage.

As the level of over-activation of the immune system increases, healthy cells and organs of the body are sometimes specifically targeted. This auto-immune attack is theorized to be a possible cause of many chronic inflammatory based diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue, Firbromyalgia, Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, and even chronic pulmonary and heart diseases.

The regulatory mechanisms which control this potent defence system are controlled by a number of key molecules, such as the master cytokines TNF-alpha and interleukin beta, or the universal stress sensor of the body cell, Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFKB). Research has shown that a number of natural compounds can stabilize these key molecules and prevent the over-activation of the immune system, reducing overall pro-inflammatory signals and their cascading effects.

Why take NutraSoothe to reduce Inflammatory Effects and provide anti-oxidant Protection?

Pharmaceutical agents have been developed which completely shut down TNF alpha, and have been successfully used in a number of chronic inflammatory diseases. However their dollar cost is high and their complete blockage of TNF alpha can result in super-infections and immune system compromise because of their crippling of certain arms of the immune system. NutraSoothe modulates the immune system naturally by naturally down-regulating, not blocking, inflammatory components of the immune system, allowing it to maintain its healthy protective role without becoming overactive and self destructive.

NutraSoothe has been formulated using the highest quality ingredients on the market today; 99% pure crystalline Resveratrol from Switzerland, the purest form of Resveratrol available. Bio-Curcumin from India, the most researched and effective form of curcumin yet developed. PowerGrape extract from France, the polyphenol rich Bordeaux grape extract shown to reduce protein oxidation and inflammation. These specific ingredients are often only used in studies to prove their effectiveness, however when it comes to commercial products, ingredients of lesser quality are almost always substituted due to bottom line considerations such as price points and profit margins. When formulating NutraSoothe, our commitment to providing an effective product which would replicate study results demanded that we use only the best ingredients available.

What benefits can you expect from taking NutraSoothe?

NutraSoothe provides a multitude of health protective effects, from enhancing antioxidant protection, to specifically reducing the inflammatory activity of the immune system in chronic disease states. For those seeking consistent long term antioxidant protection, or for those who may benefit from gentle modulation of chronic inflammatory states, NutraSoothe is an ideal health supplement.

Health is a state in which the 80 Trillion cells of the human body function fairly optimized in an incredible complex functional interaction with each other and when the extra and intracellular molecular machinery of DNA , RNA and proteins is not or only mildly compromised by molecular damage.

Since molecular damage is constantly introduced into the systems of our body by the obligate use of oxygen as one component of high energy  production -on which we critically depend - evolution has introduced a complex system of protection and if necessary repair, of our damaged macromolecular machines.

Oxygen's spontaneous chemistry reactions in the body start with the fairly eager pickup of one electron, creating the superoxide anion, a molecule of much higher  chemical aggressiveness, that is constantly produced in high quantities, since a large amount of oxygen flows through our systems and cells  for energy production - mainly ATP - in our mitochondria.  It needs to be emphasized, that too easy availability of electrons, as from metals, dramatically foster the production of superoxide, hence the prooxidative effects of metals like iron or copper.  The superoxide anion acts on its own and also through further intermediates called "ROS = Reactive Oxygen Species", like peroxide, to directly react with proteins and other cellular functional constituents, crippling their capacity to work for us. When the oxidative damage causes enough loss of function, the healthy state of affairs is changed to a progressively damaged one, and disease states ranging from mildest to life threatening will occur. Oxidative damage is the underlying molecular basis for the majority of diseases, or deviations from the healthy state.

The relentless production of superoxide and ROS must therefore be constantly neutralized or minimized by a complex series of protective chemicals, which basically sacrifice themselves to protect the "higher" more important functional machines of the cells. These chemicals are called "antioxidants" and are a necessary component of life since photosynthetic organisms started to produce an oxygen atmosphere 2 billion years ago. It is worth mentioning that the majority of species on the planet at this time actually died because of lack of antioxidant defenses.

The constant flux of electrons that the individual antioxidants donate to the radical or reactive molecule species, or equally important to each other as the electrons flow down the hand in hand chain of antioxidants absolutely requires that each member of this chain is constantly regenerated rapidly. Antioxidants do not do a one time job. They are shuttling back and forth between the donated and the recharged state and need their cooperative other antioxidant partners in proper concentration waiting and ready for them. For this critical reason single antioxidants like just Vit C or Vit E are unlikely to do any good. They whole chain needs to be supplied in fairly even - stoechiometric - amounts, then and only then the detoxification reaction will efficiently clear or effectively minimize the ROS and other free radical concentration.

The donation of electrons starts with metabolites from an unusual pathway of glucose breakdown called the pentose-phosphate-shunt, where the electron is donated to the first member of the antioxidant system - NADPH. This will donate/regenerate Glutathione, a Tripeptide that is capable of reacting directly with several reactive species as well as regenerating the next level of antioxidants like vitamin C, E, lipoic acid and CoenzymeQ10 by donating its electron to those thereby regenerating them for their next use in direct interaction with a free radical it will encounter either in the cytosol, the mitochondrial space or the membrane system. It is noteworthy that the fat soluble antioxidants like Vit E, Lipoid Acid and CoenzymeQ10 are mainly bound to membranes inside the cell, thereby protecting the membrane proteins from destruction; they also protect the Cholesterol LDL particles from oxidation in the human plasma.

The components of Redox 24 have therefore been chosen to fulfill this demand for an effective antioxidant chain. It is important to realize that beyond small molecules like Vit C, E,  enzyme systems (proteins)  like cytosolic and mitochondrial superoxide dismutase and Catalase  are present and participate actively in the removal of ROS and free radicals, working together with the other components like glutathione in the constant detoxification of the cells interior  from aggressive, destructive molecular species that threaten/impair/destroy our precious macromolecular machines.  While one cannot supplement enzymes, it is possible to supply the necessary building blocks for their biosynthesis, in this case Selenium, for the superoxide Dismutase, to optimize their natural formation and concentration in the body.

In summary the functioning of the most important systems of the body, like the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, musculature and the immune system will all depend on optimized reduction of oxidative damage to maintain healthy functioning. Note that this is not the only type of molecular damage that does occur, but maybe the most important one. Glycosylations (sugar attachments to proteins), nitrosylations (additions of Nitro groups in particular to Tyrosine residues) and other nasty biochemical harm are present. The redox 24 supplement provides many of the necessary components of the antioxidant chain, in particular the master antioxidant glutathione. For further optimization a complex mixture of carefully selected fruit and berry  and plant derived extracts containing a potent variety of antioxidant polyphenols and flavenoids,  a boosting of  NADPH production - see above - to further improve oxidized Glutathione regeneration, addition of CoenzymeQ10 as a membrane bound, fat soluble antioxidant,  is provided in the form of Nutrasoothe.

The polyphenols and flavenoids together with curcumin in a highly bioavailable form the core ingredients in Nutrasoothe. Why are they so important and how do they cooperate with the classical antioxidant chain? Plants had to develop especially effective antioxidants and protective molecules to their intracellular protein machinery, since the concept of photosynthesis requires the free and unprotected entry of powerful ultraviolet radiation into the cell interior so that the light absorbing chlorophyll laden antenna inside the protoplasts in the membrane of the can capture the maximum content of this tiny balls of energy and convert it into an activated electron in the structure of a molecule very similar to Coenzymeq10. The inevitable price for this openness to bombardment with destructive radiation is a very high level of free radicals and ROS along the path of these energy bullets. Since the plant cell cannot shield against the bullets per se it has to protect is constituent macromolecular machinery that is just as delicate and vulnerable and in all regards very similar to ours. It does so with the chemically incredible sophisticated and effective arsenal of plant antioxidants, mostly polyphenols and flavenoids and similar compounds. Humans always had their share of these beautiful inventions of nature, by eating fruits and vegetables, with all the impressive colors basically reflecting this type of natural protective chemistry.

Why are the plants protective needs not simply satisfied with the use of high concentrations of  "traditional" simpler antioxidants, like vitamin C and E and Lipoic Acid? The answer lies in the fact of the dramatic improved efficacy of protection that these compounds provide. Not only are they more powerful antioxidants on a sheer molar basis, they also have the specific capacity, by means of their flexibility and multiple ring systems to flexible attach to many proteins, snuggling up and chaperoning with them, generating a highly concentrated area of antioxidant protection  super locally to the item that needs protection. We know that most of this compounds, when  in human plasma are 99% bound to proteins, such that they cover a large surface area of those with a loosely bound cloud of antioxidant protective molecules in ultra high local concentration. It is easy to see how this defense concept is strategically superior to the mere act of reducing the offensive free radical and ROS concentration in the general fluid surrounding the macromolecular machines to be protected.

Similarly, the chromatin, that is the genetic material with its regulatory proteins attached, that defines which actual portion of the total DNA genome a cells makes available for protein synthesis is a particularly critical and sensitive target for free radical and ROS attack. While it is difficult to provide mechanical details on how this is done it is highly likely that the concept of concentrated chaperonic protection to proteins applies to the chromatin gene regulatory protein machinery, which is where it matters more than any where else.  Furthermore, we know beyond any doubt that the mild attachment of these polyphenols, for example resveratrol, has not just a protective, but also as clearly expected, a modifying role for the effect of this regulatory proteins on gene expression towards higher functionality and also overall expression of antioxidant enzyme systems, as gene chip array  expression analysis experiments have shown. It is to be emphasized that each polyphenols will have a somewhat different effect in that regard and not all polyphenols have yet been analyzed in this detailed level, but we know for instance that resveratrol turns on the expression of the Sirtuins a class of genes that mediates the effect of the well known life span enhancing effect of caloric restriction - without caloric restriction. It is therefore called a Caloric Restriction Mimetic and important hopes and potential applications are attached to this effect. The recent  800 million$ purchase of the company that seeks to develop Resveratrol derivatives are an interesting testimony to the seriousness and potential usefulness of this effect, with the hope that further patentable chemical modifications of the natural compound  trans-Resveratrol will further enhance its desired potency and marketability....  We are of the modest opinion that the natural form of  Resveratrol that developed in nature over hundreds of million of years in trillions of experiments by the plants is probably the finest product that experimentation can provide in the delicate balance between desired effects and potential negative effects. Thus we like to put our bet in natural Resveratrol.

Lastly a very important effect of the polyphenols/flavenoids/curcumin is their mitigating effect on the magnitude of proinflammatory reactions that arise in a cell as a result of any stress, mechanical, chemical, heat or infectious or by signaling of danger by cytokines  from professional alarmist like Langerhans dendritic cells and macrophages. The key mediator of the response to those stress signals is the cytosolic protein complex  NfKappa B (Nuclear Factor KappaB) Once activated this protein complex moves to cells nucleus and activates several hundred proinflammatory genes, which in turn generates a highly dangerous prooxidative, molecular aggressive environment inside the cells. The evolutionary functional purpose of this phenomenon is to activate  the ancient defense mechanisms  against infectious intruders that replicate rapidly, this toxic intracellular environment will introduce damage to the genetic material of the intruder and such the cell is rescued from the worst, but at a high price for the integrity of its own constituents.

It is obvious that prolonged activation of this state will lead to degenerative changes and detoriation of the cells own machinery. The phenomenon of chronic inflammation that affects even remote organs though signals from local foci is well known to cause organ destruction such as chronic kidney failure, myocardial damage and failure and most likely neurodegenerative changes like in Parkinson and Alzheimers. It fosters pancreatic inflammation and development of function loss in the pancreas and other endocrine organs like the thyroids as well.

Curcumin has shown the highest potential to quench this activation of Nf KappaB and cellular inflammation, but many flavenoids, notably Resveratrol and Baicalin are effective, to a lesser extent. In consideration of the fundamental importance of reducing chronic body wide inflammatory reactions that occur with the aging process, nowadays called "inflammaging" the use of a carefully selected combination of these plant derived protective substances as in Nutrasoothe, a broad health protective effect can be realistically expected.

References, Studies & Abstracts

Please go to our "Research Articles" page to see some of the many references and abstracts on NutraSoothe.

Supplement Facts

Directions:                   Take 2 Capsules daily [1 capsule 2 times daily with meals]

Capsules per Bottle:    90 caps [45 days supply]

Ingredients                                                       Per 2 capsules:     Amount                    % DV/ RDI

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid & Ascorbyl Palmitate)                                   250 mg                            416 %

Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)                                                              533 IU                            133 %

Vitamin E (as d-Alpha- Tocopheryl Succinate)                                            33 IU                            111 %

Proprietary Blend (ATNF - 10) :                                                      840 mg                              *

BCM-95® Bio-Curcumin® (Standardized to contain 95% total Curcuminoids)(Curcumalonga), Pomegranate Extract (Standardized to contain 40% Punicosides) (Punicagranatum), Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis), ResvidaTM Trans-Resveratrol (99%), Luteolin Bioflavonoid ( from Perilla frutescens), Powergrape® Whole Grape Extract (Vitusvinifera), Blueberry Fruit Extract 5:1 (Vaccinium corymbosum), Baicalin (from Scutellariabaicalensis), Rutin, Lycopene (from Blakeslea trispora)

*Daily Value or Recommended. Daily Intake not established.

Other Ingredients: May Contain Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Water


Ingredient Dosage per Capsule Dosage per Container Units Price Price per
30 Day Supply

Vitamin C 1000 100000 mg $12.95 $1.46
Vitamin D3 1000 250000 IU $12.50 $1.20
Vitamin E 300 27000 IU $19.95 $1.11
Rutin 500 50000 mg $27.20 $1.63
Luteolin Bioflavonoid 100 12000 mg $89.95 $22.49
Baicalin 200 12000 mg $19.97 $4.99
Trans Resveratrol 500 60000 mg $128.95 $6.45
Green Tea Extract 180 21600 mg $14.95 $3.11
BioCurcumax 400 24000 mg $30.00 $11.25
Powergrape 60 5400 mg $36.00 $20.00
Blueberry Extract 5:1 500 30000 mg $22.50 $2.25
Pomegranate Extract 500 15000 mg $19.50 $7.80
Lycopene 10 600 mg $19.95 $9.98



Ingredient Description Company
Vitamin C Vitamin C 1000 mg, 100 tablets Vitamin Research Products
Vitamin D3 1000 IU, 250 capsules  Life Extension
Vitamin E Pure Natural Vitamin E 400 IU, 100 capsules  Life Extension
Rutin Rutin 500 mg 100 tabs Solgar
Luteolin Bioflavonoid 100 mg Luteolin Lozenges x 120 Lutimax
Baicalin Chinese Skullcap, 60 Vcaps 200mg New Chapter
Trans Resveratrol Mega Resveratrol 99%, 500 mg, 120 caps MegaResveratrol.com
Green Tea Extract Mega Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated) 100 vcaps 725 mg Vitamin Research Products
BioCurcumax Super Bio-Curcumin® 400 mg, 60 vegetarian capsules Life Extension
Powergrape Whole Grape Extract Life Extension
Blueberry Extract  60 vegetarian capsules 500mg Life Extension
Pomegranate Extract 30 vegetarian capsules 500mg Life Extension
Lycopene Lycopene 10mg 60 gels Vitamin Research Products

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