Throughout history man has used his physical being to survive. But, our modern world has replaced the need for much physical activity with labour saving devices at work and home. Many now spend unprecedented time sitting – engaged in only mental-emotional work and entertainment.

The body was designed to sit, stand, and move, but excessive sitting exerts unnatural stresses on the spine and SI joints. The result is an epidemic of chronic back pain and the current 86% North American obesity rate. Too few have replaced the required work of yesteryear with the discipline of regular exercise. This unfortunate societal trend has burdened our health care system, and affects our sense of individual and national wellbeing.

Our Fitness Seminars (presented live and online) are designed to:

Remember: stress, inactivity, and obesity play a role in almost every disease.

Our team goal is teaching a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We do not support quick solutions to the problems of obesity and disease – such programs usually produce only temporary results. Our corporate mandate of Integrity, Excellence and Education directs us in delivering quality products and programs to bring a healthier tomorrow.

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