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What are the benefits of taking these products?

A variety of health protecting benefits can be expected from taking our products, since the anti-inflammatory and cooperative antioxidant protection effects happen throughout the entire body. For example, protective effects on kidney, heart and brain function will manifest themselves over time, as well as a general increase in mental and physical energy and overall wellbeing.

Can I take a dose smaller than the recommended dose and still get benefit?

Probably several beneficial health effects will still be present even if the dose is reduced, since the products contain very substantial amounts of the critical components. But the likelihood of the full benefits will decrease proportionally to the reduced dose, and beyond a certain point may not be evident.


I’m not sure if I want to try the complete Redox24-NutraSoothe-CytoShield-PowerCell system yet. Can I take just one of the products, and if so, which one is the best?

Three of the products focus on very different components of cellular health maintenance. Redox-24, NutraSoothe and CytoShield act in a complementary or synergistic fashion, while PowerCell focuses on intracellular glutathione production and does contain some ingredients which partly overlap with Redox-24. No one knows the exact weight of these component systems on the overall effect. However, for a minimum, PowerCell could be used together with NutraSoothe to provide the bare basics starting point.


Are there any side effects to taking this product?

There are some persons with very sensitive stomachs that might experience stomach irritation directly after taking the supplement. Taking with food will normally be able to prevent that. Beyond that no serious side effects have been noted or are expected, and all ingredients are in the FDA’s GRAS (Generally regarded as Safe) category.


Will I be able to take this product forever?

Since all ingredients used are considered generally safe and without serious side effects, there is no time limit on its use and usefulness for an individual. Smart people might want to stop after a few month, notice the positive effects it has had slowly vanishing and then might reuse it to confirm its beneficial effectson an individual basis. This will be most convincing.


Why are the products so expensive?

It's not really that expensive compared to other supplements. To achieve a realistic effect, substantial doses of expensive ingredients had to be used. 85% of supplements only sprinkle a small amount of the true active ingredient. Look at formulas from many other supplements, and you will note that many do not contain the quantity that a serious interpretation of published literature would require . This practice of "salting" to produce an impressive list of ingredients but with ineffective amounts is one of the reasons why the supplement industry has such a bad reputation with experts that analyze these products in detail.


Why should I use your product and not another product?

It has brought convincing results for those who have tried it and complied with our 3-fold management system of proper nutrition & exercise, and our proven nutraceutical liver support system. Our team of researchers has developed this system over a period of years based on well validated scientific studies.


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