About Our Products

Our products, protocols, and theories have been Doctor/Researcher designed, Pharmacist formulated, Patient tested for over 9 years. The development of our management system is based on a foundation of (1) diet, (2) proper lifestyle, and (3) nutraceutical support.
The key to optimal cellular health is to learn how to reduce the extra oxidative stress we place on our systems every day, whether through high fats/refined sugar diets, sedentary lifestyle or drug or alcohol abuse/over use. For years, a number of natural nutrients have been known for their cellular support system capabilities.We have combined them into powerful formulations to make them not only convenient, but affordable. Our products: Redox-24, NutraSoothe, CytoSheild, PowerCell, Advanced Resveritrol and SuperWhey were formulated with the finest quality ingredients. Our no-compromise policy on quality required that we import (at increased expense) a number of our key raw materials from Europe and Japan to meet those stringent demands of quality.

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