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Our research team consists of medical practitioners from many disciplines, all dedicated to discovering products which will delay aging, increase energy levels, enable healthy weight control, and promote vitality and longevity. At the present time, our best approach is embodied by our three-pronged management system: Diet, a proper life style including daily Exercise, and a nutraceutical Supplement System, to help to maintain optimal mitochondrial health.


Peter Schmid, M.D. also holds a degree in engineering from the Federal Engineering Institute, Austria.

Before he moved to the United States, where he held a position as assistant Professor at the University of Vienna Hospital, Internal Medicine and Surgery Departments, he made a variety of medical technical inventions and conducted/published research mainly in the field of metabolism and nutrition. At this time Dr. Schmid also became a certified specialist in Internal Medicine.

He was invited to the United States by the University of Southern California in 1979 to the position of Research Associate Professor, to work with Bernhard Strehler in the field of aging research. Dr. Strehler was at this time considered one of the foremost researchers in this field in the world. He was the key figure in the installation of the National Institute of Aging , a part of NIH, giving testimony to congress regarding the need for an independent Institute of Aging research, which bolstered the position and funding of the Gerontology Research Institute in Baltimore, the largest and best funded aging research laboratory worldwide at this time. Nevertheless, Dr. Strehler was invited by USC to receive his laboratory at the Molecular Biology Institute of USC, where Dr. Schmid joined him to collaborate in several projects.

In 1982 Dr. Schmid moved his position to the University of California Molecular Biology Institute in Los Angeles where he conducted Research project in the field of Cancer Molecular Biology – in particular oncogenes - and later, in the Department of Neurology at UCLA, he began to work on the elucidation of viral etiology and pathogenesis of Neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Herpes Encephalopathy and Aids Dementia complex.

His realization that the molecular tools for the detections of viruses were not at the optimal level needed for the ultra-sensitive detection and quantification of viruses in human tissues and body liquids, in particular blood, lead to several key inventions in the field of Molecular detection technology that later played a key role in the development of therapies against viral diseases like AIDS and hepatitis B and C as well as cancer detection. Furthermore the plasma product industry and the blood supply were in critical need of Nucleic Acid Based detection technologies at extreme sensitivity worldwide, to reduce the alarming rate of infections caused by blood products and blood, a situation in which Dr. Schmid's technologies suddenly became of highest importance.

To make these inventions and technologies available at an industrial scale for the purpose of new drug development and also the screening of infected blood donations for viral contamination Dr. Schmid, together with two partners, founded the National Genetics Institute that was solely based on Dr. Schmid's inventions. Among many other projects all the large scale registration trials that moved forward the drug treatment of hepatitis C with Interferon and Ribavirin used Dr. Schmid's methodology of automated ultra high sensitivity PCR. He also worked intensively in the field of Hepatitis B drug development and on the development of PCR based cancer cell detection in white blood cells and lymph nodes. He also was actively interested in the field of therapeutic vaccines for hepatitis B and C and had a particular interest in thymic peptides and adjuvants used for therapeutic vaccines. Further research interests include the measurement and quantification of liver fibrosis by noninvasive methodology and the Molecular Biology of Fibrogenesis in the liver.


"It is not hyperbole to write that there are few scientists who have done as much to advance the health of those infected with hepatitis B virus as Dr. Tyrrell." - Dr. Timothy Block, president of the Hepatitis B Foundation at the Pennsylvania Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research.

Dr. Lorne Tyrrell has helped shape policy in education, health care, and health research. He is the current CIHR/GlaxoSmithKline Chair in Virology at the University of Alberta and the Chief Scientific Officer of KMT, a biotechnology company in Edmonton. Dr. Tyrrell is the Chair of the Board of the Health Quality Council of Alberta, Chair of the Board of the Institute of Health Economics, a Board Member of the Gairdner Foundation, and a member of the Research Council of the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research. In 2004, Dr. Tyrrell completed 10 years as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Tyrrell has won numerous awards at the University of Alberta (Rutherford Undergraduate Teaching Award, J. Gordin Kaplan Research Awards, and the University Cup). He won the ASTech Award for Research in 1993, the national Prix Galien award in 1998 and was awarded the Gold Medal of the Canadian Liver Foundation in 2000.

Dr. Tyrrell was appointed to the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2000, an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2002, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2004. He was recently awarded the F.N.G. Starr Award from the Canadian Medical Association in 2004, and the Principal Award of the Manning Foundation in 2005 for his work on the development of oral antivirals for the treatment of HBV.

A gifted teacher, he continues to teach virology to students, and to pursue research on both hepatitis B and C, with the ultimate goal of curing these diseases.


Thomas Lee Abshier, ND practices as a Naturopathic Physician in Portland Oregon where he has maintained a general family practice including internal medicine and counselling for the past 20 years. Dr. Abshier graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1987 after pursuing a wide range of life and educational experiences including:a Bachelor of Science from theUCLASchool of Engineering,Naval Nuclear Power School, submarineservice as aUSNaval officer,and various consulting and management positions before pursuing his career in Naturopathic Medicine. Anyone that has had the privilege of working with or seeing Dr. Abshier as a physician will quickly confirm that he is indeed a doctor’s doctor that genuinely cares about all of his patients and cares for them as though they were his own children.

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