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About Advanced Life Research

Advanced Life Research (ALR) is a company committed to producing consistent, real and tangible results (through meaningful application of supplementation, diet and exercise) in the fields of Anti- or Delayed-Aging,  Increased Energy through optimized mitochondria function, Optimal Weight Control, and Vitality.
We are committed to commingling the concepts of molecular biology with the  advancement of worldwide progress, while operating under a mandate of integrity, excellence and education.  ALR is a Nutraceutical company adhering to Pharmaceutical standards.

ALR engaged in grass roots R&D for over 9 years before making our management system publicly available. Our goal is to understand the essence of aging, health, and chronic damage that leads to chronic disease and fully applying what it takes for disease prevention, longevity and quality of life. ALR analyzes which genetic systems are activated.  The more complex dealings in the essence of aging & its damage is how to properly deal with the damage  ie: the over response of  inflammation which leads to more damage.   Therefore, our formulas are Pharmacist and Doctor formulated based on theory, and scientific evidence. We look at new remedies from the perspective of how a nutraceutical molecule should work to support health and disease process.  We continually look at theoretical and research evidence, and how participants respond to ensure that the management system works. 

We are about being healthy, feeling young and vital through having goals,  and giving the means to achieving those goals.
  We optimally achieve these things by understanding the deeper mechanisms behind what goes on in our cells and our genes because everything starts with individual cells interacting and adapting. 

The ALR management systems were developed in collaboration with a team of medical practitioners and fitness professionals, representing a broad range of specialties and skills.

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